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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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     Delving into the world of emerging technologies and new media systems can bring a mixture of excitement and fear. The technically astute gear-junkie becomes energized, ready to adopt the latest and greatest widget…while the technical newbie feels uncertain and confused looking at the vast assortment of options that are trying to get their attention. 

     Regardless of your technology IQ, everyone could use “a friend in the business” to help answer their questions. 
We're here to help...and with 35+ years of experience our resources are extensive. 

     Here are some of the design and training services where we can provide assistance.  To receive more information about these services, click here.

Acoustical Design & Analysis

      Acoustical Design:  Acoustical designing is applicable in the design of new facilities or during major remodeling of existing spaces.  Specific disciplines include sound isolation (keeping the outside world from interfering with the inside spaces), echo & reverberation control, noise control from the building's mechanical (HVAC), electrical, & plumbing systems, creating adjustable acoustical systems to optimize the space for musical performance or recording, room optimization for teaching & conference facilities, corporate communication centers, and integration of audio, video, and lighting components and infrastructure into the room's acoustical design.

     TEF Acoustical Analysis:  Finding solutions for rooms with poor acoustics takes an experienced individual and a proper set of testing equipment.  The TEF analyzer is a multifunction analyzer that can examine the acoustical characteristic of a room.  With it we can identify the source of specific problems such as excessive reverberation, echoes, or poor intelligibility.  Once the exact problem has been identified, corrective measures can be made with the assurance that the problem can be resolved.

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     System Designs

     Audio System Design:  Includes audio systems for concert or performance venues, houses of worship, recording and broadcast studios, multimedia production facilities, and educational or corporate meeting facilities.  Infrastructure factors such as isolated power distribution, dedicated air conditioning for heat sensitive components, structural loads, conduits, applicable acoustical treatments, and control area circulation are integrated into these designs.

     Theatrical/Video Lighting System Design:  Includes integration of architectural and production lighting control and dimming components, innovative energy conservation balanced with effective and dramatic lighting flexibility, integration of components to compliment the interior design, and effective accessibility plans for service and system maintenance. 

     Media Presentation System Design:  Includes graphics and IMAG (image magnification) video projection systems, video production and control rooms, in-house and streaming video distribution systems, and off-site distribution to video venues.  Infrastructure factors such as isolated power distribution, dedicated air conditioning for heat sensitive components, structural loads, conduits, applicable acoustical treatments, and control area circulation are integrated into these designs.

     Rigging & Staging System Design:  Includes integration of mechanical lifts, rolling staging & wagons, lighting and prop rigging, stage curtains, and operable wall and curtain systems to adjust acoustics.

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     Equipment & Supplies

     Equipment Sales:  As factory authorized dealers for dozens of professional audio, lighting, and media equipment manufacturers, you receive knowledgeable and factual answers to your equipment questions.  We don’t just sell the gear…we use it…and know first-hand what it can do and how to use it.  All this...and competitive prices too.  Click here for specific product information.

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     System Installation & Optimization

     System Installations:  We have three approaches for installing systems; Turn-key installs, Cooperative installs, and Client installs. Each method is intended to utilize the specific resource available to each client.  For instance, on turn-key projects our installation team does all of the work without any assistance from the client.  This allows the client to continue with their normal routine without providing any manpower for the installation.  For Cooperative installations, the clients provide a team to work with our installers.  This approach reduces the labor costs and allows the client’s team to become familiar with their system from the “inside-out”.  On Client installations, the client provides all of the installation labor.  SIE provides the necessary documentation to the client’s team for all areas of the installation. Once the work is completed, our staff inspects the client’s work to insure that everything was done in a safe and technically correct manner.  The Client installation provides the client with the highest savings on the installation labor costs.  For more information about which installation approach is best for your situation, contact us here.

     System Tuning & Optimization:  Systems that experience frequent feedback, or uneven volume, or poor musical performance often have amplifiers and/or signal processing devices with improper settings, often set by ear or by inexperienced personal.  Our engineers use precision test equipment and computer analysis to identify the optimum settings for all amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, digital delays, and dynamic processors.  Our ultimate goal is to optimize the existing components to create a system with balance, uniform volume, and musical performance.

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      Operator Training:  It’s generally understood that the performance of any system is no better that the skill level of the operator.  With the continuous evolution of new equipment and technologies, regular operator training is fundamental to achieving maximum performance from your systems.  Our private training sessions for your sound, lighting, and media operators, conducted using your existing equipment, are a valuable investment that will provide long-term returns to your team.  Training is available on specific topics of interest and is tailored to the skill level of the group.


     To get started, click here, tell us about your question(s)...and we'll contact you right away.